The Iran Nuclear Deal’s most positive outcomes: Or, why Israel needs to hold off on the bombs for a bit

Positive environmental impact might have been the last thing you were thinking about when it comes to the Iran Nuclear Deal. Nuclear energy was the one thing that the Iranian people have been seeking this whole time, or at least what they claim to have been seeking. The 4th provision of the Iran Deal states clearly that this deal “…will enable Iran to fully enjoy its right to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes…”

An Iran with nuclear energy is also an Iran one step closer to ending its addiction to fossil fuels, and in the long run – hopefully – an oil free plateau.

Wouldn’t that be just fucking fantastic?

An oil free Persian state will ultimately make a huge impact on the oil industry, and the environmentalists are springing into action. Accross the world over, anti-oil protestors are rejoicing.

And why should they not be?

This is only a single provision of the preamble, and the official document of the agreement is well over 500 pages – so of course there are many other things that will get in the way.

But an elephant is eaten one bite at a time. Let’s hope for the best.


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